The 'must have' for waitresses/waiters & barmen

With cash in fast decline even before Covid turned up + Government supporting tips being paid directly to staff, tippmee is fast becoming the preferred way to get tips.
Hospitality staff can sign up for a personalised card and start taking tips via mobile payments (Apple Pay/Google Pay/Debit & Credit cards) using a QR Code and NFC technology. 
The card is connected to your bank account so all tips are paid to you and we only take a 1% transaction fee.
Diners are welcoming tippmee as they know their tips are going to the people serving them.
tippmee has a positive effect on a business too as staff are working harder to please diners and are making more money as a result.  
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Cards are personalised and are connected to your bank account.

Your card will be posted to your address used in the sign up form. Please allow 7 working days
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How it works
We provide you with a unique QR code and NFC tag.
Customers scan your QR code or tap your NFC tag.
They tip you.
You can login at anytime and check your balance.
We pay you every day.