How it works
We provide you with a unique QR code and NFC tag
People scan your QR code or tap your NFC tag
They tip you
You can login at anytime and check your balance
We pay you
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Card Account
Keep your personalised card on you at all times & get your customers to scan or tap your card for a tip.
Our transaction fee is just 1%
Per Month
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Your card will be posted to you. Please allow 7 days. Shipping £2
QR Code Account
Save your QR code on your phone for 'mobile to mobile' tips. Or print your QR Code on your own materials.
Get your customers to scan your QR Code for a tip.
Our transaction fee is just 1%
Per Month
Order Now
Your QR Code will be sent to you via WhatsApp and Email. Please allow 30 seconds.
What people are saying
I use my tippmee card all the time and get loads of extra income.
Furniture Delivery
My tippmee card means I can ask all my customers for tips without it seeming rude.
With less people having cash nowadays, my tippmee card is really useful, there is no excuse!
Food Delivery Courier
Every time I deliver food I ask for a small tip, it really adds up!
Food Delivery Courier
I ask for a tip on every delivery and say it goes towards my bike maintenance!
Cab Driver
I have great times with my passengers and many of them give me tips. I don't have to do much. Great idea!
David Zidane
Ski Instructor
tippmee is so useful on the slopes, hands free and strapped to my jacket makes it easy for my guests to tip me and all in Euros too! Merci et bon ski