Making changes

Our team at tippmee have realized something quite special.
tippmee can make a real difference by helping to improve the quality of life for low income workers around the world.
We can help to build a better future by providing every individual that relies on tips in the developing world with a FREE tippmee account.
A unique QR Code is sent via WhatsApp and is saved on their mobile.

Giving back 

And we promise to commit 10% of our profit back into the local community to help alleviate poverty + renewable energy projects. We are talking to many organisations about generating multiple donations and will make regular updates to our website. 
36% of the world’s population live in extreme poverty
Almost 50% of the world’s population in developing countries live on less than $1.80 a day
50% rely on casual work being the main way to find employment, these people rely on tips!
tippmee can increase your income by 50%